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Tweets, College Football, & Zenith Televisions

Well, it’s the first blog post of 2012. Anna, Dad, and any other stranger who unfortunately stumbles upon this blog, I’m sorry that you haven’t had much reading material from me since, well, I began this blog. I’m a blogging … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks…

Apparently, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I thought it was Christmas given the amount of Christmas-related goods on the shelves at Costco. Don’t be fooled by “the man.” It’s still November. I don’t have a lot to say in this post, but … Continue reading

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Running Form

I wrote this recent post on running form for a good friend and Physical Therapist, Joel Novak.  We did somewhat of a question-and-answer discussion, so this post is slightly different.  You can follow Joel on Twitter @JoelNovakPT or check out … Continue reading

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Taking My Talents to South Beach…

OK, so maybe I’m not taking my talents to South Beach.  The phrase came to mind when I thought about writing a new post, though, and it made me laugh.  It’s one of those phrases that will probably be infamously … Continue reading

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The Ugly Stepsister…

I’ve failed to dedicate my previous posts like I had set out to do, so I’m trying to right the ship.  I’m dedicating this post to my sister-in-law, Erin.  She’s following her dream, something we, or at least I, often … Continue reading

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Races, Graduations, Birthdays, iPads, Barefoot Running, and the World Cup…

To all my faithful readers, well, to my wife, Anna, I apologize for the time that has passed since my last post. The last month and a half have flown by. It’s apparent that I’m not an awesome, daily blogger. … Continue reading

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Rejection or Reward?

To all my friends out there facing rejection, this one’s for you…cheers. During one of my kindergarten years, first or second, the two classes at 10th Street Elementary School had a sleepover.  OK, before I proceed, is it odd that … Continue reading

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